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The world’s oldest living culture is going virtual as it works to bring Aboriginal treaty to Victoria amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The First Peoples’ Assembly started its nation-leading work to create a negotiation framework between the Victorian government and Aboriginal nations last year.
The 32 elected members that make up the assembly gathered for the first time inside Victoria’s Upper House in December and held another meeting in February – but then coronavirus hit.
The board’s monthly meetings, committee meetings and community consultation sessions have gone online ever since, conducted via Facebook Live and Zoom.
It’s not the first time Victoria’s path to treaty has turned digital – when voting for the assembly happened last year, it could be done online too.
“I remember in the lead up to the February meeting we were worried we didn’t have the technology that we did at parliament and how that was going to be a challenge, but those concerns are nothing compared to what we’re mapping out right now,” assembly co-chair Marcus Stewart told AAP.
“Now we’re going to be running a meeting completely virtually. We’re really confident we’ll hit the ground running, though I’m sure it won’t be without challenges.”

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